Sunday, May 1, 2011

Its May 1 already?!?

Wow. Have I been MIA from here or what?!? I guess life happens sometimes. Here's the Reader's Digest breakdown of the past month and change:

1. My ear infection raged on until recently. I still have some fluid behind my ear drum which causes some minor discomfort and makes me irritated, but nothing I can't handle.

2. Got successfully moved out of the apartment on the 31 of March. Cleaning took forever and I only just got fully unpacked last week. There have been arguments and I get frustrated at the parentals, but at the end of the day, I'm glad to be home and saving money.

3. I was promoted to the Membership Team Lead at Sam's about 2-ish weeks ago. We still haven't filled my previous position, so i am doing both... which suuuuucks. I'm trying to do 80 hours of work in 38.7 and still trying to meet quotas. Until the position is filed, each job will be half-assed for a while. I can't be everywhere all the time. I hope it gets filled soon... I'm exhausted.

4. My trip to Seattle to see U2 has been canceled. My friend and I have had such medical issues, we've been unable to save money. So we decided instead to wait until July and see U2 in St. Louis. The plan is to drive to Memphis, stay with friends and then drive to STL the day before the concert and stay in a wicked nice hotel within walking distance to the arena. Leave Monday after the concert and be back to work by Tuesday. It will be way cheaper (plane tickets to Seattle were about $400pp) and just as fun because I'll get to see my favorites in Memphis.

5. I haven't been able to workout and run like I have been, due to reasons 1-3. This week is going to be crazy hectic at work, but I'm going to try to start getting workouts in this week or next. I've decided to put of my first marathon until 2012, since I don't think its safe to push my body to run 26.2 miles in 6 months. I'm still debating on going to run the half marathon, but we'll see. Taking off work in December will be difficult.

I am planning on running the Auckland Marathon in New Zealand in October 2012. I figured I should go big for my first marathon and have been wanting to visit New Zealand forever. What better way to spend my vacation than running a marathon?!? I just need to decide whether its better to do the run at the beginning or end of my vacation. I'm thinking it would be better to do it at the beginning, in case something happens and I injure myself. The plan is to rent a vacation house and a bike and go all over the country and possibly to Australia too. I want to skydive, learn to surf, cliff dive and possibly learn to ski/snowboard while there. Its going to be expensive, but a once in a lifetime adventure. I have 1.5 years to plan and save. But its going to be EPIC!

I think you're now caught up. I hope to start blogging more, but I really need to work on my time management. :-P