Thursday, January 20, 2011

The morning after...

Oh man, am I sore.

Its really not too bad, but enough that the idea of hitting the 8:45am Zumba class made me cry a little inside. Also, the fine sheet of ice over everything and the 13degree weather makes getting out kind of a pain. I would've liked to go in, because I work until about 10pm tonight, but I think a day off to recover is probably best.

I did come home last night and make some delicious Cajun Pasta. Nothing warms you right up that some spicy nom noms. I make the cream sauce with fat-free half&half and next time will try whole wheat pasta. I'm trying to make it a lower-cal comfort food. I can't do too much about the sausage though... mmm... sausage. I love me some pig.

Very long day planned at work. I have 3 drives scheduled, so I will be out in the field from 1-10 tonight. Here's hoping for some membership sign ups!!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

Its fun to stay at the...


Yeah!! Joined the Y today!! I ended up getting a 40% break on the monthly fee thanks to their financial aid program. I can handle $23 for unlimited access, including Zumba classes!!

Tomorrow's plan is Zumba.

I'm off to do laundry... TA!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

My family is cooler than your family...

Today started off as a lazy-relax in the recliner-kind of Saturday, but ended up being Awesome Family Hang Out Day!!

My sister posted about my nephew's basketball game at the Y, so I hopped in the car, picked up me daddy and headed out to watch the game. WOW! I never thought 8 year old basketball could be so intense! Loved every minute of it!! Biggs scored 4/10. They ended up losing by 3, but they played a great game.

Afterward, I back to my parents and hung out for a while, then I went jean shopping at Dillards... which was... depressing. It made me realize that I really need to get off my tuchus. So, I decided to join the Y. Hopefully dishing out $35/month will help me get in gear. Also, I have 3 Y locations within easy driving distance, 2 from home and 1 from work, so there really is no excuse. I'm joining tomorrow so I can join for free. I just printed off the class schedules for all 3 Ys and am going to figure out the classes I can go to.

After my depressing venture into the dressing rooms at Dillards, I decided to go hang out with me gran... and an hour later EVERYONE had shown up there. Daddy, Mum, M's family... all of us hanging out watching the Stealers/Raven's game. I'm so excited that Pea started crawling!! He'll be walking before we know it! His favorite thing to do right now is to stand up holding on to the couch. Its so cute because he's so tiny!! He's such a sweet little boy. His smile is so infectious. My heart belongs to him, Biggs, and Sader.

Tomorrow is laundry and the Y!! Maybe a movie with my honey, but that's in the air. He's agreed to go see "The King's Speech" with me, which surprised me. I didn't really think that would be his type of movie. We did go see "Black Swan" yesterday, which was AWESOME. It also gave me the willies, but Natalie Portman was amazing! It makes me want to take ballet lessons. I'm looking into the adult dance class at the Y for March, maybe.

Auf Wiedersehen!!!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

-14 degrees... right.

This weather is crazy!! I'm freezing my knickers off!! It is making for interesting mornings... as in... I sure as heck don't want to crawl out of bed!!

I finally made it out to my truck and... it wouldn't start. Of course. Its 1 degree out and Oliver didn't want to go anywhere either. The very nice maintenance guys at my complex jumped me and I was on my way.

Work will finally be calming down a bit. I'm ready to get back to my own job and not having to worry about the rest of the store.

I did decide to start learning German. Deutsch soll SpaƟ zu lernen. Ich habe einen Kollegen und einen Freund, beide sprechen Deutsch, so werden sie hoffentlich in der Lage sein, mir zu helfen.

Yeah... thats right.

Tonight's menu is spaghetti with my homemade sauce, with the addition of sun-dried tomato & provolone stuffed chicken sausages and french bread. Nice yummies to warm us up!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Winter: 2, Wende: 0

Omg... I hate getting sick.

This is what happens when you work in the Accounting Office for a major retail chain during the winter season. When it comes down to it, people are just plain nasty and there is not enough anti-bacterial sanitizer in the world to keep me from getting sick.

After getting a wicked stomach virus 2 weeks ago and almost missing out on Christmas, Saturday night I start getting a little tickle in my throat that by Sunday morning was a full blown cold. I'm now on day 3 of said cold and am ready for it to be over. I hate not doing anything!! On the bright side, day 1 of no soda is going well. Water and OJ only for this chica.

First Meatless Monday was also a success, even though I kinda cheated and we had 3cheese tortellini with tomato sauce for dinner. I didn't really feel like cooking.

Tonight is Jambalaya... in hopes that the delicious spicy cajun food I adore so much will aid in getting rid of this cold!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

30 day Trial

Trying to start new habits on days that I work 11 hours probably isn't the best idea in the world. Good thing I have Tuesday and Wednesday off to start fresh. I read somewhere that starting new habits on a Sunday or Monday doesn't work as well... but that could be a load of bollocks.

Tomorrow is Meatless Monday!! That's the first "habit" Jared and I are getting in to. We're not quite cool enough to go vegan, but at least we're going attempt one day a week to go ovolacto-vegetarian. This way, we can explore a new culinary genre! I'll post more about that adventure tomorrow!

I tried to give up soda today, alas, I drank 1 can of diet pepsi. I was extremely tired and needed a rush. I just need to resist the urge. I'd like to start brewing a gallon of iced tea every night before work and just take that with me and refill a glass while at work. There is some things I can do at home to make eating better at work a reality. Packing lunches the night before is another habit to get in to.

2011 Goals
1. Meatless Mondays!
2. Exercise @ least 30 min. every day
3. Pack lunch/iced tea for work the night before
5. Study French 30 min every day

I'm curious to see what the results of this would be. I'm going to try a 30 day trial. I will weigh and measure Wednesday morning and again at on Feb 4. I want to see what the effects of 1-4 would be on my body after 1 month. This will be interesting. I probably wont post my initial weight because I'm sure its awful, but you'll at least know the results!!

So tomorrow is my last soda day. Adieu Diet Pepsi. You will be missed.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011... Its a new day, a new year, a new life.

So I decided to start clean this year.

That includes a new blog... and an attempt to update more regularly that I did on the old one. This being more generic that my previous one will help, in theory.

2011 has so much potential for everyone. Almost every facebook friend had a post about 2010 being awful and hope for the new year. I am the same. I have many goals I would like to accomplish this year, but I mainly want to be in a better place (mentally, physically, spiritually) come December 31.

While New Year's Eve was a delicious culinary experience, today has been sluggish. I hardly slept and when I did, it was bad. I'm exhausted and need to clean and do laundry, but just want to watch season 5 of Bones. Im thinking a short nap might help.

There are many new habits I'm starting on tomorrow, and research says on average it takes 66 days to make them routine. So, first steps is progressing to March 9 and seeing where I am. I know the second and third weeks tend to be the hardest when forming new habits, so I can try to watch for my procrastination to start creeping in!

Happy New Year to all!!